Student Awards 2018-19

VMTA Fall Festival 

Superior: Rex, Alice, Shelby, Hudson, Gavin, Linda, Michelle, Marina, Emma, Madeleine, Isaac, Neha, Rachel, Sophie, Grace

Excellent: Sarah

Student Awards 2017-18

Sonata Competition
2nd round: Rex and Marina

Piano Ensemble Competition
2nd Place: Sophie and Marina
3rd Place tie: Anah and Kate

Bach Baroque Competition
Honors Concert: Marina
Superior: Rex, Linda, Anah, Sophie
Excellent: Michelle, Madeleine

VMTA Theory Mastery Day
Perfect Tests: Hudson, Alice
Superior: Rex, Marina, Kathryn, Sophie
Excellent: Linda, Michelle, Lillian, Rachel

VMTA Skills Day: Sightreading
Superior: Sophie
Excellent: Hudson, Rex, Bryson

VMTA Fall Festival
Superior:Linda, Sophie, Kate, Anah, Alice, Michelle, Marina, Rex

Student Awards 2016-17

NVMTA Sonata Competition
2nd Round: Anah

NVMTA Bach Baroque Competition
2nd Round: Marina
Superior: Marina, Anah, Sophie
Excellent: Rex, Claire, Alan

VMTA Theory Mastery Day
Superior: Linda, Marina, Michelle, Anah, Kathryn, Claire
Excellent: Rex, Kate, Alice, Alan

VMTA Skills Day: Sightreading
Superior: Marina, Sophie, Claire
Excellent: Rex, Alan

VMTA Fall Festival
Superior: Rex, Kate, Marina, Anah, Sophie, Claire


Student Awards 2015-16

NVMTA Bach Baroque Competition/Festival
Superior: Caitlin, Elina

VMTA Theory Master Day
Superior: Caitlin, Marina, Elina, Sophie, Amelie
Excellent: Rex, Alan, Claire

VMTA Skills Day: Sightreading
Superior: Rex, Caitlin, Marina, Elina, Vivian, Alan
Excellent: Kate, Sophie

VMTA Fall Festival
Superior: Rex, Caitlin, Marina, Anah, Sophie
Excellent: Elina, Vivian


Student Awards 2014-15

NVMTA Piano Ensemble Competition
2nd: Kevin/Ethan
2nd: Alan/Rex

NVMTA Masterclass Performance
By invitation: Caitlin

NVMTA Piano Concerto Competition
HM: Caitlin

VMTA Sightreading Skills Day
Superior/Excellent: Elina, Kevin, Joanna, Marina, Caitlin, Alan, Sophie X., Rex

VMTA Fall Festival
Superior:  Kate, Marina, Anah, Joanna, Alan, Kevin, Sophie, Vivian


Student Awards 2013-14

NVMTA Piano Ensemble Competition
2nd: Adele/Kevin
HM: Elina/Adele
HM: Sarina/Riya

NVMTA Piano Concerto Festival Competition
2nd: Nico
HM: Elina, Kevin

NVMTA Bach/Baroque Honors Concert

NVMTA Judged Recital
HM:  Kevin

VMTA Sightreading Skills Day
Superior/Excellent: Aditya, Nico, Adele, Joanna, Riya, Sarina, Kevin

VMTA Fall Festival
Superior: Aditya, Arthur, Adele, Alan, Kevin, Vivian


Student Awards 2012-13

WMTA Hartman Awards
HM:  Adele, Age Gp. 8B

NVMTA Piano Concerto Festival Competition
1st, tie:  Adele

NVMTA Bach Baroque Festival Competition
Superior/Superior:  Adele, Faris

VMTA Fall Festival
Superior: Faris, Maria, Nico, Joanna, Adele


Student Awards 2011-12

NVMTA Piano Concerto Festival Competition
2nd:  Mayuko,Taylor
3rd:  Adele
HM:  Amelia

NVMTA Piano Ensemble Competition
2nd:  Adele/Didi
3rd:   Mayuko/Risako

Sunday's recital was a great experience for us. [My daughter] told me that what she likes about the recital is that she “sit[s] in front of the piano and make it [the music] beautiful”. I am also very happy that as a very shy girl she was able to show herself in front of [the] public...We appreciate that you lead her...into the world of music and playing piano. We explore together something precious that I missed when I was little. [T]hank you for all you have done for us.  ---Parent 


Thank you for all of your teachings about piano.  I developed a lot since I first met you.  It is a pleasure to have [you] be my piano teacher.  ---- Alex, 12, student


I want you to know how much I appreciate your help and talent!  ----Carole Huston, Director Children’s Choirs, Lewinsville Presbyterian Church


I can’t thank you enough!  How fortunate it was for me that our paths crossed.  Thank you for your splendid musicianship, patience, teaching and organizational skills.  The [concert] would not be a success without your generous talent!     --- Amy Horn, French Horn, President’s Own Marine Band


We are thrilled Ray is one of your students.    --- Rachel and Tom, parents


I LOVE your attitude...  You’ve given me a reminder of what’s really important.  --- Lynette, parent

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