Approach To Teaching

Motivation. A variety of musical activities motivates students - rhythm, conducting, sightreading, composing, singing - to keep practice fresh. Students acquire poise and confidence through the discipline of daily practice

The Program. Repertoire, technique, ensemble, sightreading and theory.

Repertoire. Musically rich and carefully chosen to support technical and musical skills. Repertoire includes short pieces that turnover quickly and long-term pieces which stretch capabilities. 

Technique. Like sports practice, technique drills patterns common to all music. Mastering these patterns enables students to play repertoire of any difficulty. A reliable technique includes the production of a rich sound freely produced by coordinating the shoulder, arm, hand and fingers. 

Ensemble. Students play duet music, both with teacher and a partner. Ensemble playing encourages sensitive listening, balance of sound and teamwork.

Sightreading. Daily sightreading produces confident students who learn music quickly and who possess strong musicianship and ensemble skills. Students keep a sightreading log and are assessed regularly.

Theory and Ear Training. Students complete regular theory assignments and take an annual exam. Exploring the structure of music enables students to quickly recognize patterns in the score. Ear training improves students' ability to recognize aural patterns. An acute ear makes a sensitive and attuned musician.

Performance. Students perform often because they love to play. They feel confident performing in events suited to their skill level and desire.  All students play in 2 required Studio events each year. Students may also participate in:

NVMTA/VMTA Fall Festival - non-competitive
NVMTA/VMTA Sightreading Day - skill assessment
NVMTA/VMTA Theory Mastery Day - skill assessment
NVMTA Bach Baroque Festival and Competition - competitive and non-competitive
NVMTA Sonata Festival and Competition - competitive
NVMTA Piano Ensemble Festival - non-competitive and competitive
WMTA Hartman Competition - competitive
NVMTA Judged Recitals - competitive
Piano Olympics with Alek Peskanov - celebretory

Competition. Enthusiastic students have many opportunities to play in competitive events.  Other students may feel more comfortable entering lower-key events until they are ready for a higher intensity experience. 

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