Policies Tuition and Fees 2018-2019

Missed Lessons

Weather Delays/Closings: The studio remains open and lessons conducted via Skype.

Teacher Cancellation: Lessons always made up at the studio.

Student Cancellation: All missed lessons can be made up by:

        . Exchanging the lesson with another student. Lessons need not be exchanged within the same week; students can take 2 lessons in 1 week.

        . Skype lesson when parents notify the studio by 3:30pm.

        . Parent Lesson in studio or via Skype in order to coach student at home.

        . Parent conference in studio, by telephone or Skype to discuss student's progress.

Should an opening occur later in the schedule, it will be made available in dated order of missed lesson.

      All lessons must be concluded during the term in which student is currently enrolled.

Exchanging Lessons of Unequal Length: If lessons of unequal length are exchanged, the longer lesson loses the difference in time.

Group Classes: Group Classes that must be cancelled for any reason will not be made up.

Communication:  Office Hours: 8:30-10:30am. Communications returned within 48 hours, Monday-Friday.

Concluding Lessons: Sometimes it is clear that a student is not thriving in the program. In order that the student ends lessons gracefully it is wisest to discontinue lessons at the end of the current term. Please give 1 month’s notice to terminate lessons; otherwise student will be assessed 1 month’s tuition

Tuition and Fees 2018-2019

Tuition includes 39 private lessons, 6 group classes and 2-3 Studio Recitals, except the 30 minute private lesson, which excludes group classes. There is no tuition refund once term begins.

Fall Term Tuition due June 1, 2018 
Winter Term Tuition  due October 15, 2018
Spring Term Tuition due February 1, 2019

30 minute lesson:                        
3-5yr. old students only - no group classes            $1,910/year

45 minute lesson:                                            
5-6yr. old students only - 30-60 min. group class    $2,945/year

60 minute lesson - 60 min. group class                  $3,875/year

60 minute lesson - 75 min. group class                  $3,955/year

Supply Fee Deposit: A $250.00 or a $325.00 supply fee deposit accompanies yearly registration, depending on student's level of study. The deposit covers event entry fees, music, books, supplies, and a recital/technology/library fee. Unused supply fees will be applied to the next year’s course of study. If lessons are terminated the supply fee balance will be refunded at the conclusion of the term of study. An accounting of expenses for the current year accompanies the following year's registration.

Registration Fee: The supply fee deposit includes a non-refundable $50 registration fee that secures student's lesson day and time for 2018-2019. If the student withdraws enrollment after registration and before the first lesson of any term, student's supply fee is refunded minus the registration fee.


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