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Bobby McCoy

Bobby McCoy, my protege throughout middle and high school as a music director and rehearsal pianist, has been nominated for two Helen Hayes Awards 2019! The award is one of the country's most prestigious cultural honors and last year, Bobby, only 23 years old,  won for GALA Hispanic Theater's production of In the Heights. I am so proud of him. Read more about his win at dcmetroarts.

2019 VMTA Theory Mastery Day

Perfect Paper: Gavin Superior: Sophie, Lillian, Madeleine, Emma, Linda, Alice Linda, Rex

Excellent: Grace, Neha, Michelle, Marina

2019 VMTA Fall Festival

Superior: Rex, Alice, Shelby, Hudson, Gavin, Linda, Michelle, Marina, Emma, Madeleine, Isaac, Neha, Rachel, Sophie, Grace
Excellent: Sarah

2018 NVMTA Bach-Baroque Competition

Marina: Honors Concert 

2018 NVMTA Piano Ensemble Competition
Sophie and Marina, 2nd Anah and Kate, 3rd tie

2018 NVMTA Sonata Competition
Rex and Marina, 2nd round


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Music matters. It connects us, touches our hearts and minds and enriches our lives in unique and powerful ways. With patience, diligence and guidance, all students, no matter their natural gift, can acquire the technical and musical foundation to enjoy a lifetime of music making. Join me in making music matter in your child's life!

Lessons: Pre-college students take 39 private lessons and participate in 6 group performance classes, 2 studio recitals and various festivals and competitions throughout the year.

Interview/Audition: To schedule an interview/audition please contact the studio.

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